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Money, money, money….

On April 10, 2011, in Cloud Computing, Investment, Technology, United States, by Jorge Espinosa

The money flowing into cloud computing seems to grow from year to year. This week alone several significant announcements portend substantial growth.

  • Dell, Inc., well known manufacturer and reseller of ms-dos based computers and laptops, announced that it plans to invest over $1 billion on cloud computing initiatives during the next fiscal year.  The bulk of the investment will be centered on building data centers that will provide customers with computer infrastructure services (IAAS).  Dell announced 12 new such data centers this coming year with more to follow.  The data centers will be built worldwide.  Dell will brand some of their new data centers as vStart.  vStart data centers are planned to allow customers simple virtualized system environments.  According ton Dell, up to 200 virtual machines for a single customer.  These environments will be created in cooperation with VMWare.
  • Microsoft Corporation and Toyota Media Service Co. are working together to tie your car to the Internet. The initial goal is to provide power-savings tools for hybrid cars such as tracking the best time of day to charge the car, avoiding peak hours and higher electricity costs. The remote control system might also be extended to the home allowing the user to turn on air conditioning automatically or control energy systems at home remotely. The system is expected to be controllable via smartphones.  A presenter for Toyota predicted that consumers will soon learn to demand Internet connectivity for their cards.
  • On April 6 IBM announced two new products: Smartcloud and Workload Deployer.  Smartcloud is an IBM managed online cloud infrastructure for enterprises to host environments on the Internet.  One option under Smartcloud are IBM SAP Managed Application Services which will allow cloud based SAP solutions for customers.  Workload Deployer is an appliance for developing private corporate clouds.
  • Forbes interviewed David Eiswert, manager of T.Rowe Price’s Global Technology Fund, who was quoted as staying “Intel is virtually doubling their capital expenditure this year. And they’re not doing that because PCs are flying off the shelves.”